Establishing the Church
among all peoples everywhere

Sent 2024

AGWM’s theme for 2024 is Sent. On the night of His resurrection, Jesus told His disciples, “As the Father has sent me, so send I you” (John 20:22). The Father sent the Son, the Father and the Son sent the Spirit, and Jesus sends His followers.


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A healthy church within walking distance of every African.


Asia Pacific

In Asia Pacific, 95% of people don’t know Jesus in places the gospel has never reached. They have waited long enough. We are reaching THE NEVER REACHED.



Is a movement of Jesus-followers linking arms to take the gospel to every people group in Eurasia.



Are you ready to lose yourself for the sake of the gospel in Europe?


Latin America Caribbean

One in six people in Latin America Caribbean knows Jesus. LAC is reaching “the other five” through church planting.


Northern Asia

Unconventional strategies. Unconventional places.


State of the Mission 2024

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On The Way

On The Way is a chance for the church to engage like never before, and for you to be part of a unique immersive journey.

Our Mission

Establishing the Church among all peoples everywhere by reaching, planting, training, and serving.