Making Connections: Hundreds per day Watch Spanish Gospel Presentation in Network211 Effort

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“In May, Ricardo did an online search for ‘Who is Jesus?’”

“He found our website After watching the short video presentation explaining the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, Ricardo prayed the prayer with the presenter and gave his life to Jesus Christ!”

“He wrote to us wanting to know more. A member of our follow-up team in Ricardo’s city of Cochabamba, Bolivia, ministered to him and invited him to church. Ricardo and his wife have become part of a local Assembly of God church. In August, both Ricardo and his wife were baptized, making a public declaration of their new faith in Jesus! We celebrate another person going ‘from searches to churches!’”

This is just one example of what God is doing to seek and save lost people every day through our online evangelism websites and follow-up ministry teams.

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“Currently, on an average day, 1,633 people receive a Spanish Gospel presentation, 138 people make an evangelism response, and 28 individuals write to us asking for and receiving a personal follow-up
. We rejoice over every life impacted by the Gospel!”

We rejoice that Network211 ended 2021 with over 46.7 million visits, by individuals, to our evangelism online communities. Over 2.2 million of them made an Evangelism Response, and 393,584 wrote to us, like Ricardo, and made a Discipleship Connection.

We praise the Lord that since we launched Project 10Milllion (now Project 100Million) on October 15, 2008, we’ve received a visit to our evangelism sites every 8.7 seconds. People made an Evangelism Response every 3.1 minutes. Individuals wrote to us to begin a Discipleship Connection every 17.7 minutes. Every day. Since October 2008. Praise the Lord!

While we give God the glory for these statistics, they are meaningful because they represent lives that were transformed by the Gospel. Individuals. People like you and like me. Does ministry to the individual matter? It did to Ricardo!

This excerpt was taken from a Network211 news story with quotations from a newsletter written by Flynn and Renee Clanton, Network211 directors for Spanish outreach. To learn more about this ministry and its efforts to share the Gospel with people around the world,click here.

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