The Cost of the Call: God’s Comfort in the Midst of Separation


What does the cost of answering a call from God look like for new missionaries who feel led to serve in Europe? Two of our missionary colleagues share a powerful experience below:

Andrew and Jess Foster, AGWM missionaries to Spain:

Probably the most significant thing we’ve had to process with the Lord is the reality of raising our baby girl and whatever future siblings she may have so far from our families, to whom we are very close.

Before we moved to Spain for the first time, Jess received a powerful image from the Lord during AGWM’s 2017 World Missions Summit (WMS). The prospect of saying goodbye to our families, particularly our little nieces and nephew, all between the ages of 2 and 4, weighed heavy on our hearts.

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During worship at one of the WMS services, Jesus gave Jess a precious picture that has continued to minister to us throughout the past three and half years of living and serving in Spain.

In a vision, she saw herself walking next to her oldest niece, Layla, holding her hand. This familiar feeling of having Layla’s hand in hers was one of Jess’ favorite things to experience, and there was a deep sense of joy in walking alongside her niece and knowing her in a personal way.

Then Jess saw another hand and immediately knew it was the Lord’s — it was steady and firm and warm and trustworthy. Jess saw herself take Layla’s hand and put it in the Lord’s hand. The deep sense of joy Jess felt did not fade or lessen when she gave Layla’s hand over to Jesus. Rather, it grew as she sensed the great gift of the Lord’s peace, knowing that Jesus is worthy of the cost in His glory and goodness and that He is trustworthy and faithful in caring for and protecting that which we hold most dear.

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The Cost of the Call: God’s Comfort in the Midst of Separation

By Deborah Galyen

This story is an excerpt from the v7n7 edition of WorldView magazine. To read the entire issue and others like it, click here.


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