Encounter with Muslim Man Reveals Power of Afghan Bible Project

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“You give me…Injil,” were the English words my friend Zahed* slowly uttered from his Pashto tongue. He arrived in our town late last year from Afghanistan, along with sixty of his countrymen. Over the last several months, we’ve been getting to know him and his friends as we help them set up their lives in the United States as part of our ministry with Global Initiative, a ministry of Assemblies of God World Missions.

Recently, while taking Zahed to a medical appointment, he made this bold request. He wanted an Injil, which is what we would call the New Testament. A few days earlier, he had seen me give an Injil to one of his friends who was moving away. Now he wanted one for himself!

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With joy, I drove him back to my office, where we have some Pashto New Testaments on hand. As I handed him one of these, he received this Book with both hands and then gently touched it to his forehead and his lips. He had never held a New Testament before. We are praying that Zahed would read this Book and that we would have opportunities to talk with him about what he’s reading.

Many Muslims come to faith in Christ simply from receiving a Bible in their mother tongue. Thanks to the multitude who contributed to our Afghan Bible Project, we have been able to distribute many New Testaments to our Afghan friends, as well as supplying these resources to others working with Afghans in various places.

If God has put a Muslim in your life, we pray that you, too, would have the opportunity to share a Bible with him or her. Nothing else so readily opens the door for a gospel conversation!

This excerpt was taken from a Global Initiative newsletter. To learn more about this ministry and their efforts to share the Gospel with Muslims around the world,click here.

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* Name changed for security

Encounter with Muslim man Reveals Power of Afghan Bible Project
By Mel and Jill Rogers, AGWM Missionaries

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