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Prayer Focus

November 19, 2018
November 19, 2018


Asia Pacific

From sprawling cities to remote jungles, God is opening doors for ministry across Asia Pacific.



In Japan, one of the world’s most industrialized nations, less than 1 percent of the population knows Jesus Christ.



The Sasak are surrounded by beauty, yet the majority of them are plagued by poverty.

Prayer Requests

Week of November 19, 2018
Week of Nov 19, 2018


Please pray for staff and personnel of some of our Christian schools. There are many who are dealing with various issues in the family, the community, and the way of living. Pray for a recently built library at one of our schools — that we can get it operational very soon. — Gloria Biffert, AGWM missionary to the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Asia Pacific

Pray for The LIFE Center in Kampot, Cambodia, a growing ministry to local university students. “Students lives are not just being touched by God,” say AGWM missionaries Ben and Kami Heilman, “but are being transformed by God.”

In our short time back in Indonesia, our nation has been rocked by multiple volcanic eruptions and frequent earthquakes, along with a devastating tsunami which was followed by an extreme phenomenon called liquefaction. This is where otherwise dry land becomes like water and swallows everything. At this time, 80,000 people are displaced, 5,000 are still missing, and 2,000 are confirmed dead. That is just the devastation on the island of Sulawesi. Lombok continues to rock and many have either lost family or lost their livelihood and homes. We continue to ask God to have mercy and restore hope to their communities. — Mitch and Tammy Wollner, AGWM missionaries to Indonesia


The strip of land between the sea and the desert that comprises Israel and Palestine is only the size of New Jersey, and yet it evokes more passionate discussion than any other spot on the planet. In the very land where Jesus walked, very few people have actually heard of the salvation He came to bring. Pray for Israel and Palestine.


Pray for Project Rescue's growing ministry in Spain.

International Ministries

The annual business meeting of the Japan Assemblies of God began with an encouraging scripture from the general superintendent, Pastor Fumio Terada. This week, please pray for these pastors as they conduct business that includes the election of the executive committee and general superintendent.

Latin America Caribbean

Now is the time for the church of Haiti to rise up. Pray for Haitian missionaries to be released to their nation and to the ends of the earth.

Northern Asia

Pray for the Buriat people living in Inner Mongolia. They are an animistic and shamanistic people with little access to the gospel due to their isolated geographical location.

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