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Prayer Focus

January 17, 2019
January 17, 2019


Latin America Caribbean

Dramatic church growth has taken place in this region as the Holy Spirit ignites a passion for the lost among believers.


Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands, a territory of Great Britain, draws tourists from around the globe.


Wiwa of Colombia

The Wiwa of Colombia prefer to live in isolation in an area they call “the heart of the world."

Prayer Requests

Week of January 14, 2019
Week of Jan 14, 2019


In the country of Chad, 40 percent of the children are chronically malnourished. These children deserve a chance at life, and even more so, they deserve to experience the love of Jesus. Would you join us in praying for opportunities to meet this need? Pray that workers will go and share the love of Jesus with the children of Chad.

The Kenyan government has reported 14 people were killed in yesterday’s attack on a hotel in Nairobi by al-Shabaab, a Somali offshoot of al-Qaeda. The group is responsible for multiple attacks in Kenya that have killed hundreds. Please pray for the restoration of calm in the capital city and for the families of the victims, two of whom attended AG churches. — Greg Beggs, AGWM Africa regional director

Our church plant, Bethel Assembly of God in Abidjan, was begun in the fall of 2017 and continues to grow monthly. We have added an area for our children and are now praying for land to place a tabernacle in 2019. We are out of room! Pray with us for Bethel’s continued growth. — Tim and Kristy Teague, AGWM missionaries to Côte d’Ivoire

Asia Pacific

The Assemblies of God Papua New Guinea church recently celebrated the 70th anniversary of their founding. Assemblies of God Australia missionaries Hugh Davidson and Don Westbrook arrived by ship on the northern shore of the main island of New Guinea in 1948. Since that time the Assemblies of God has expanded to all 22 provinces of PNG. Approximately 2,000 churches serve close to 200,000 people. Pray for our churches in 2019, for God’s continued favor and for their continued growth. — Phil and Kim Rojak, AGWM missionaries to Papua New Guinea

Imagine that of the 127,000,000 population of Japan, 121,000,000 are ethnically a single people group with only 0.3 percent Christian. It’s shocking, in some ways mind blowing, that in the history of the world the Japanese have not ever been reached. They are the never-reached. Pray for an openness and pray that along with our Japanese partners we can establish the church. - Regional Director Jeff Hartensveld


In collaboration with the national church of Ukraine, we have set a goal to plant 400 churches by 2021. Already over 80 churches have been planted. There are over 20,000 villages in Ukraine, most without an evangelical church. Please pray for this project! — Gerald and Jane Dollar, AGWM missionaries to Ukraine


Please join our missionaries Earl and Tammie in prayer for Poland as they mourn the loss of Gdansk mayor Pawel Adamowicza, who passed away after a tragic stabbing at an outdoor fundraiser. We pray that this will be an opportunity for the light of Christ to shine more brightly than before in Poland!

Pray for the church in Macedonia! From one of our workers there: "Please pray for the Evangelical Church of Macedonia. On Christmas Night, (January 6th in Macedonia), one of our churches was vandalized, set on fire, and tagged with spray paint. The message left behind was “Pure Macedonia.” This attack is not hindering the gospel or the effectiveness of our Christian brothers and sisters. Please pray that this makes us all even bolder, and brings unity and hope."

Please pray for our missionaries in Italy who are working with the many refugees there.

International Ministries

Global Initiative recently held a seminar to cast vision for reaching Tanzania’s 23 million Muslims. Pray that the seminar’s 400 participating pastors and evangelists will be empowered in 2019 to impact their nation with the gospel. — Ken and Kathy Ferguson, AGWM missionaries, Global Initiative: Reaching Muslim People

Latin America Caribbean

Pray with us for a much needed revival in Bolivia.

Despite challenges, the Assemblies of God in Cuba is growing and is powerfully communicating the gospel. Please pray as pastors and delegates meet for their General Council next week. — David Ellis, AGWM Latin America Caribbean regional director

Northern Asia

Pray for China’s Pumi people, who currently live in the mountains of Yunnan. This unreached group practices both polytheism and ancestor worship.

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