Rangers International

Mentoring the Next Generation

Royal Rangers International exists to establish, strengthen, and serve the growing number of nations seeking to impact the next generation through the Royal Rangers ministry. Royal Rangers is the premier, most sought-after Christian activity-based mentoring program for kids and young people in the world.

The mission of Royal Rangers is to evangelize, equip, and empower the next generation of Christ-followers and lifelong servant leaders.

This is Royal Rangers!

Royal Rangers is the premier, most sought-after church ministry for the next generation in the world – period!

We are affordable and practical so that every family and church can participate.

As we grow, we remain quick and responsive, learning and adapting to our changing societies.

Leaders are eager to be trained to mentor the next generation of lifelong Christ followers and servant leaders; young leaders are empowered to assume leadership of Royal Rangers making it a student-led, adult-facilitated ministry.

Personal and spiritual growth is fun, hands-on, and experiential; friendship charges our ministry atmosphere.

We reach and instruct every student by creative methods; every Ranger is encouraged and eager to serve a God-given purpose greater than self.

Everyone is proud to be associated with the Royal Rangers!

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