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Planting Churches in Post-Christian France


The number one question we get is Why France?

The first and most important reason is that we are called by God. During a ministers retreat, in the middle of the worship service, God spoke to my wife and I each; I received a vision while Sara heard from God.

The second reason is that there is a great need. France, as well as much of Europe is considered Post-Christian. Meaning, France is a place that once was alive with the Gospel but isn’t anymore. Only 3% of Europeans have a relationship with Jesus. France is no exception with only 1.2% Evangelical Christians.


So what can we do?


After we study the culture and language in Grenoble, France, we will be sent out as part of a team to plant churches among the French people. As we partner with that team, we will also be partnering with a team back home in America. Both teams are equally important in God’s kingdom. We are asking you to be a part of our team in America to help us plant churches. You can join our team by becoming a monthly financial/prayer partner. Together we can reach France for Jesus.



P.S. - France doesn’t need more church buildings; they have plenty of empty ones. The church is not a building, it’s a people. 

There are 113 People groups in France – 37 of which are Unreached People Groups. 


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