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Aaron and Winnie Coleman-Horvat have been serving in Osijek, Croatia since 2009. 

They have been working with children, teens, and students since their arrival on the field. One of their projects is to work together with their colleagues in Bosnia to hold cross-cultural retreats for teens where they can encounter Jesus and learn to live out their faith. Besides weekly meetings and Bible Studies, they also hold a variety of camps in the summer, everything from Cake Camp to Creative Camp. 

Winnie has been working with Europe's Children since 2000 to reach the children throughout Europe with Good News. She has done this through use of "The Puzzle", a musical for children that has been translated into 27 lanuages. The most recent languages have been Slovenian, Croatian, and one of the Roma languages spoken in Serbia.

In recent years, the Horvats have begun serving in the Roma community. Aaron has begun work on translating the Bible into one of the Roma languages where it doesn't exist. He has also have started a ministry with cognetively and developmentally delayed. Winnie has finished her clases in Croatian Sign Language (it is completely different from ASL) and begun translating Christian testimonial videos with a tv studio. There are close to 100,000 Croatian Deaf and NO GOSPEL WITNESS. They are an unreached people group.



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