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Serving in Latin America Caribbean

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I S R A E L  L O P E Z

Israel was born in Mexico, but lived most of his life on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. From very early on, Israel had a sense of the ministry calling that was over his life. He wanted to be a missionary pilot for a very long time. Then when he discovered he was musically gifted, he became very passionate about pursuing a worship and a pastoral path. It was not until Israel was in college that he received a very distinct calling from God to be a missionary. The Lord confirmed this calling in many ways, and began to prepare Israel’s heart for a life of missions. Israel took a mission trip to the LA Dream Center in California. In one instance, they worked a food truck to provide meals to the people who were homeless, or in low income, poverty situations. Israel was put in a very unique position in which he was the only person on his team who could speak Spanish, and the population of people who came to get food from the truck were heavily people of Hispanic descent. Israel talked to them, heard their stories, and prayed for them. The Lord broke his heart for the people and spoke clearly to Israel that these people are the ones he is called to serve overseas.


S Y D N E Y  L O P E Z

Sydney was born in Nixa, Missouri and has lived in this area for her entire life. The truth is, Sydney did not consider working in ministry for a lot of her youth life. It was not until she was about 15 that God began to move in her heart and give her a deep passion for the church. At 16 years old, Sydney went on her first short-term missions trip to the Dominican Republic. Her team was doing an kids outreach at a little church in a tiny rural community, in the heart of the country. It was there that the Lord completely changed her life. She met a little boy who she was with the entire day, it was the first child she had ever met that was too sad, and too broken to smile at all. Looking into this little boy’s eyes, the Lord broke Sydney’s heart for that boy, and for the people in this country. He called her to learn Spanish so that she could speak to them in their own language, and he called her to be a missionary. From that moment on, she dedicated her life to missions, and to the call that she knew the Lord predestined for her to live out on this Earth. 


W H A T  W E  W I L L  D O

Sydney and Israel plan to step in and help wherever they are needed. Specifically they will work with youth and kids in the church, they will work in the Hosanna school, substitute teaching, and preaching in the chapels. They will be a part of all the community outreaches, and available with a helping hand in any aspect of the ministry. However, most importantly, they will be making meaningful relationships with the people they are ministering to and introducing them to the love of Jesus Christ!

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