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The Gregorys have served over 35 years in missions. Working in partnership with national churches in multiple countries, they have a passion to see the story of Jesus accessible to all people in their own culture and language, particularly through media and technology. This vision has taken them to multiple countries in Asia Pacific, Northern Asia, Africa, Europe and Eurasia.

During the 25+ years they were based in Asia, Jeff traveled frequently and noticed that no matter where he visited, how remote the location, or how poor the people, there was often one thing in common with each location; Cell phones!

Jeff realized that the proliferation of mobile technology is presenting one of the greatest opportunities the church has ever had to engage with people and help them on their journey towards faith in Christ

With a primary focus on mobile technology and media, the scope of their ministry includes:

  • helping workers and national church organizations catch the vision for using technology,
  • passing on practical ideas and strategies,
  • teaching mobile phone based production skills to create new media if needed,
  • walking alongside them as they implement mobile technology tools for evangelism and discipleship.            

Today, mobile technology is everywhere. The tools of media and technology provide many opportunities to connect with people and communicate the Gospel, especially amongst the many unreached or challenging access groups in the countries and regions of the world. Regions where recent events are causing people to question their cultural religion and search for truth.

Educate - Their desire is to help workers see the opportunities presented by mobile technology. They love to see the 'light bulb' go on as people begin to understand how this technology can assist in their work to reach people in their community.

Facilitate - As workers gain an understanding of the opportunities presented by mobile technology, they help them sort through the many proven strategies and ideas, find what will work in their context, and assist as needed in the initial implementation.

Resource - They help to locate, and if necessary create, any resources needed to implement the relevant strategies and ideas into each location. Media content, SD cards, HopeBox hardware and programming, Discipleship Apps, etc. much of which is freely available for use.

Besides working with Jeff, Pam has a passion and burden for the children of missionaries (MK's). She was an MK herself, she raised our own 3 MK's on the field, and for many years has taught in MK schools in the Philippines and, more recently, Spain. She now serves as an educational consultant for the AGWM missionary family. Helping those who need guidance on educational options due to the context of where they serve, those requiring educational testing, and especially those dealing with a special needs child.

Jeff was born and raised in the UK (and speaks with a great accent!). Pam is the daughter of missionaries John & Joyce Burnett and was herself raised on the mission field.

The Gregorys have three grown children and two grandchildren.


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