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Dear Friends,

God "called" me to missions in 1984 while on a mission outreach in Darmstadt, Germany. During that trip, it was prophesied over me that "I would reach many people in many nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ."  Since then, my life has never been the same! This year I celebrated 32 years of missionary service, the call of God has taken me to many places and many lands! Belize,  El Salvador, Guatemala, Slovenia, Wales and even "nonexistent land" of the internet where half the world's populations live more than six hours a day! 

Having just finished a 6-year term with Network211, God has once again opened the door for me to return to the Europe field! It was in my early 20's that God placed a burden on my heart for the people of Europe. As I indicated, I have worked in a number of "mission fields" but it is always Europe that holds my heart. While on that mission trip to Germany, there was an old woman that approached me and with anger in her voice, told me, "GO HOME! GO HOME!" But how could I, when there were so many lost people and how can I now when there are even more lost people there. 

Europe is an enchanting land of castles, beautiful old churches, crowded cities, and picturesque mountains. It's a continent rich in culture and rich with Christian history. It is the land of the reformers like Martin Luther, John Knox, and John Calvin. But did you know today, many countries in Europe are less than 1% Christian? Did you know Europe is now the "the darkest continent" on the face of the earth, spiritually speaking? Did you know that millions of people in Europe have never personally met a Jesus follower!

Two of the most aggressive forces challenging the people of Europe today are Islam and secularism. With the influx of refugees and migration from the middle east, it is estimated that by 2050 half the population of Europe will be Muslim if trends continue? Islam is a force to be reckoned with, just like Christianity, it is "missionary" in its theology. There is no doubt, Islam wants to make Europe a Muslim continent!

Secularism is the other great challenge of Europe. Secularism as a worldview is an orientation of the heart where God or gods are no longer at the center. Instead, "self" is at the center and the only plausible option for making sense of life. Secular people believe the authority of the self is "the norm" and, in a sense, the only way in which they can view the world. God is not the center of their universe, they are! 

God has called me to return to the continent of Europe and I need your help to do that! Europe today is a "smoldering pot" of nations, people coming from all over the world for a better life. What an amazing opportunity we have to reach the world on a single continent. Will you join me?


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