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We both have been on staff with Chi Alpha Campus Ministries for the past 6 years and now God is calling us to plant Chi Alpha (campus ministry) in Portugal. 


Why campus ministry in Portugal? It started with a missionary sharing at our  church in Tucson.. After he spoke, he mentioned the need for Chi Alpha (Campus Ministry) in Portugal. Our pastor came and shared that he felt like God wanted someone to answer that call. I didn't really care about Europe at the time but heard the call.  A few weeks later, we were at a campus ministry conference and another missionary was sharing about going to the nations. She asked everyone in the room to remove their shoes, look at them, and pray to God about where those shoes need to go. When I did this I got a vision of a mom in Portugal crying out to the Lord with tears in her eyes. In the vision I could hear her prayer. Her prayer was this, “God please send someone to my son!” After that, I knew God was doing something but still didn't care much for Europe or Portugal but God was working on me. A few weeks later a guest pastor  was sharing at our Chi Alpha and he was sharing about how the Kingdom of God is founded on prayer. Pastor Zane was preaching how it was like God is searching for people who pray His heart and then He moves in it. It was in this that God spoke to me very clearly and said “Do not neglect the Prayers of this woman.” Since then we have been laying the foundations to plant campus ministry in Portugal. We have been at Colorado State University for the past 4 years receiving campus ministry training. I got ordained this spring. And now we are just starting off itineration.

I have talked to several people who have told me they have been praying. One gentleman told me he has been praying for campus ministry in Portugal for 40 years. I can see God is wanting to do something big in Portugal.We are completely humbled that God would choose us.


Our objective is to plant campus ministry in Portugal. The ministry will not just make disciples, but will raise up university students to be disciple makers. The long term vision is for campus ministry to take root and spread. We are praying for future pastors and missionaries to be raised up. We are praying for great connections with the national church. We are also praying that many will come to know Jesus in a land where many want nothing to do with Jesus.


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