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Kevin and Sandy Barner are fully appointed Assemblies of God Missionaries to  Peninsular Asia.


During their 1st missions assignment, [2002–2010] they served as Lead Pastors of International Christian Assembly (ICA) Moscow, our A/G international English-speaking church in Russia for 7 and a half years.

For their 2nd missions assignment, [2010–2016] they served for nearly six years as Lead Pastors of International Christian Assembly (ICA) Bangkok, our A/G International English-speaking church in Thailand.


In their 3rd assignment, [2017–2019] they served as Area Pastors of Eurasia NorthWest, providing Pastor Care and Spiritual Leadership to our Missionaries serving throughout the seven countries of ENW. [Armenia, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, and Ukraine]


Their current assignment [2020—present] as Area Pastors and Area Mentoring Advocates of Peninsular Asia, centers around creating a healthy and nurturing environment for our more than 200 Missionaries serving throughout the five countries of PenAsia, empowering them to be fruitful and productive in reaching the “never reached.” The five countries of PenAsia include, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam


Additionally, Asia Pacific Regional Director, Jeff Hartensveld has asked the Barners to be available to serve as Interim International Church Pastors throughout the 40 countries of the Asia Pacific Region as needed, to provide stability and continuity to any of our International Churches for Missionary Pastors who may need to be away from their churches for an extended period of time.

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