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Mike and Sheila Fitzgerald have served in Iceland since SEPTEMBER 1992 and served as Directors and Founders of Lindin Media Ministries Reykjavik, Iceland for 21 years prior to handing the station over to the Christian churches of Iceland. They continue to serve as advisors and board members to Lindin Radio. They continue travel extensively and continue to share the Gospel in the Northern parts of the globe.

PRAY FOR: EXPANSION of RADIO LINDIN to reach the remainder of ICELAND. Lindin Iceland is currently REACHING APPROX. 90% OF THE COUNTRY at present. We have 15 transmitters located around Iceland. There is in addtion 13 transmitters in Faeroe Islands and 12 in Greenland. They need additional equipment for the distribution and staffing for broadcasting in all three Nations. This is a 24/7 station and the area is always needing to update and expand the capabilities to reach further.

PRAY FOR: People to be saved in Iceland, Greenland and Faeroe Islands. ANNOINTING on the STAFF at the stations and the CHURCHES.

PRAY FOR THEM AS A COUPLE: As they seek the Lord for the next adventure and for wisdom to accomplish what is ahead. They have been asked by the NW Europe Director Tim Southerland to continue to reach out to Iceland, Greenland and the Faeroe Islands. To Encourage, Equip, Educate and Evangelize.

PRAY FOR: Funding for the Radio Ministry and for additional funds for Equipment replacement. Equipment gets OLD and TIRED. There is a Need to replace two transmitters presently in Iceland.

Funding for addition travel expenses to reach out in Iceland, Greenland and Faeroe Islands.

They have been blessed by so many throughout their 25 years of missionary work.  Mike and Sheila have shared "We are THANKFUL for each one that has stod by us in Prayer, Supported us with finances and allowed us the privilege of doing what God has called us to do."



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